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What Causes Lumbar Scoliosis

The curvature that is found at the lumbar spine is called lumbar scoliosis. The condition is caused by various factors that usually lead to low back problems. The pain depends on the location of scoliosis. You might experience signs and symptoms as the condition occurs. It usually affects your lumbar spine which is responsible for the lower back portion of your body.

Most of the sufferers experiences extreme low back pain and fatigue after a long time sitting and standing. You can also suffer difficulties in doing physical activities due to uneven spinal column. Leaving the condition untreated will cause the facet joints and spine becomes more irritated; thus, triggers the pain. These spinal deformities can cause you to experience some health problems including numbness and difficulties in controlling leg movement.


Causes of Lumbar Scoliosis in Child

Knowing the cause of this condition of your child is essential. However, it is very important to understand why it occurs and know what can be the possible treatment necessary to achieve relief from the pain that it brings. Knowing the causes of the condition would help you find some other ways that can help you reduce the pain that you feel.

Physical Abnormalities

Congenital defects can be a possible cause of developing this condition. This usually involves abnormal bone development. It usually occurs during pregnancy where individuals start to develop their spine. There is a tendency that the abnormal development occurs and leads to lumbar scoliosis after birth. As the child grows, the condition might worsen, and possible suffer various symptoms due to birth defect.

Inherited or Genetic Effect

Some of the people might get this condition from their family. Maybe, your family has a history or anyone of you already have it ever since. You can be the one who inherited it. Most of this situation mostly happens during pregnancy at the time when the child is still undergoing development process.

Causes of Lumbar Scoliosis in Adults

Most of the adults develop this condition as they reach the age of 50. This is what we called degenerative Lumbar Scoliosis in which the lumbar spine is affected due to disk degeneration. Adults also suffer osteoporosis which is one of the common problems experience by elder ones. However, this condition can lead you to have this condition due to some defects.

Some of them already have it during their childhood times and remain not treated until they get old. As you get old, the body function will decrease, and your bone loses strength unlike the way it should be. That’s why you are prone to have this condition due to the aging process. Your spine begins to bend that leads you to have osteoporosis. This is when you start to develop this condition due to bone deformities.

Other Causes

This condition can also be a result of some serious illness that affected the bones and nerves in the spinal cord. These include abnormal growth of tumors inside the spinal cord, hormonal abnormalities and other lumbar related illness. These abnormalities and defects can be a possible cause of developing this condition.

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