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How To Relieve Back Pain

How to relieve back pain is one of the most common questions asked. According to the data from American Productivity Audit, back pain is the most common cause of disability among Americans. Back pain is a serious disorder that needs immediate attention. Leaving this serious problem without proper treatment would result to disability.

A person’s back is the source of strength of an individual; in fact, it carries the whole body to make it stand or sit still. Who would want to lose this advantage? No, not one would ever leave his condition without doing anything; thus, the search for whatever way to find lower back pain relief is never ending.

Back pain is not an emergency case; in fact, hospitalization is not necessary. If you have experience back problem before, you will most likely have it again. Therefore, a good intervention and management is necessary to live a normal life.

Self Management:

  •  It is important to keep a good posture. Your stomach and hip muscles plays a very important role in keeping the pain away.htrbp When the muscle of the stomach and hip is strong it will hold the spinal column in place. Proper alignment of the spinal disc will lessens the burden of the back; thus, relieve back pain.
  • Learn the right posture when lifting heavy loads. Having a good posture while lifting will maximize your strength and at the same time protect your joints from damage. Study shows that the majority of back injuries are caused by not lifting very heavy load; but because of improper posture.
  • Avoid sitting on a couch; instead, sit on a firm chair in order to support your lumbar area. It is good to support back with a pillow. In this manner, you will be supporting your waist and back area with the proper position.

Home Management:

  • Ice packs. Ice packs are very good for inflammation. This is to be administered for 3 days to the affected area. This must be done with at least an interval of 10 minutes to achieve the maximum result.
  • Hot Compress. Hot compress will follow immediately after the cold compress has been applied for three days. Hot compress is good for congesting and allows good circulation of the blood problematic area. The application must be within 15 to 20 minutes with an interval of 3 minutes to the next application. Use cloth to do the hot compress. The temperature of the water must be within 104 degrees Fahrenheit. You may adjust the temperature depending on the tolerance of the patient.
  • Exercise. The best remedy to relieve back pain is rest. At the onset of the flare, it is good to take a rest; but staying in bed for more than two days is already not helpful. After resting for two days, there is a need to take a good and active exercise to bring back healing faster. The exercise will help rehabilitate the spine.

If, you have been stationary for a while start doing exercise now. A good stretching very often would certainly reduce the pain. Nobody can help you better except yourself. Above all, these it is good to change lifestyle to relieve back pain.

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  1. Hello, finally excellent post with regards to the back pain and its treatment. I know know lots of people with the same problem.

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