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The Advantages Of The Inversion Table

Inversion table is the most important device to perform inversion therapy. This kind of therapy is performed through the use of an inversion table, which is known to have made wonders to a lot of people. The therapy is done to ease the pain of people who has chronic lower back pain problem. Chronic lower back problems can be very annoying; especially, if you are an active person. By all means, you wish to have an instant solution to the problem. Now, let me tell you first what causes chronic lower back ache.

Causes of Chronic Lower Back Ache


The most common cause of chronic lower back ache is musculoskeletal disorders. Medical practitioners agree that almost all back disorders are due to the muscle’s weakening or stress at the lumbar area. The weakening of the muscles in the lower back is mostly caused by the advancement of technology for people have less mobility.

Sedentary lifestyle has aggravated the situation. We often allow ourselves to do most of the activity in the confinement behind the desk. Exercise is needed to strengthen the stomach and hip muscles to hold the body up. Sitting down gives a lot of strain to our back muscles because it holds the back erect; while, at the process weakening the hip and stomach muscles, thus, putting strain to the back muscles.

Chronic Pain

The pain may become chronic when the pain becomes persistent, and a flare comes in regular basis. The pain has been persistent for more than three months and is already robbing you of your usual self. Normally, almost 90% of the sufferer will have a full recovery within the range of 12 weeks time; but, for those who have the pain more than three months will feel discourage. When this is the case a lot of sufferers will look for all possible means; thus, inversion therapy comes into the picture.

Comes the Inversion Table

Inversion table is the most important table for those who suffer chronic lower back pain. This is the appliance that is being used to allow the body of the patient to be inverted 180 degrees. From the normal position of standing up, the patient will be inverted or hang down by the ankles. This process makes the back of the muscles stretched as the patient is being inverted 180 degrees. Instead, of having it compress while sitting down as all the weight will be confined at the lower part of the body.

The principle behind the use of the inversion therapy explains that; when, a person is being hanged upside down it reversed the pull of gravity down to the lumbar area of the body will in a sitting position. As the gravity is pulling the spine away from the buttock while, on an inversion therapy; it, loosen the pressure from the buttocks area. There are two types of Inversion therapy.

Two Types of Inversion Therapyinversion table

  • Conducted through the use of an inversion table. This is the best method of inversion therapy; because, it allows the patient to be inverted in different angles. This is easy to operate compared to the gravity boots. This is a bit expensive compared to the gravity boots.
  • Conducted through the use of gravity boots. This is an apparatus that will hang the patient upside down no adjustment will be made.

The Process

  • The process will start by making the patient sit down on the bench and firmly fasten the ankles to the ankle holder. The inversion table will slowly invert horizontally. This is done slowly, allowing the head to adjust the pressure of the blood that goes to the head.

The Benefits

  •  Inversion will bring back the proper alignment of the spine. If, the spine is aligned properly, it will lead to a correct posture. As we all know, that as the hips and the spines are misaligned there is a great possibility of having lower back disorder will occur.
  • The inversion therapy helps promotes flexibility. As the inversion table, are being adjusted to the right angle in order to target areas that need improvement. When the muscles are being stretched it promotes muscles flexibility that allow joints great room for movement.
  • It encourages good blood circulation. The joints are given room for movement it increases the flow of oxygen in the body tissues; thus, brings healing to the damage tissues.

The Efficiency

  • Many are questioning the efficiency of the table. As per testimonies of people who were able to use the machine, reported its efficiency. It is being reported that there is a significant decrease of the lower back pain. People who have the spinal pain and those who are suffering from sciatica reported relief. The good news is many users signify that, through the use of the inversion table, they become taller.
  • Based on the testimonies done by a patient who have tried the inversion table, all have said that it does wonder to their problem. Some says that instant relief has been felt after using the inversion process. After several weeks of using it, continuous improvement has been felt.
  • The opinions of the medical community are divided whether they will recommend the use of the inversion therapy or not. The apprehension of the medical community had hindered the inversion therapy to be widely used.

The Apprehension

  • The common apprehension of many is the fear that the machine will not work for them. The worst case is that you have bought a machine, and have spent for about a hundred dollars. After a month, of trying no improvement has been observed. You extended for another month thinking hoping for an improvement yet, you still feel the same. What are you going to do with the machine?

It is being advised that this individual who has the diseases that are degenerative such as high blood pressure, heart disease, glaucoma and even pregnant women are in danger of submitting to this kind of therapy. It is being advised that before anyone would buy the inversion table, it is best to consult your health provider regarding this matter.


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